Weight Stack Machines

Bradshaw 4 Station Pulley (2)
Bradshaw Leg Curl (2)
Bradshaw Leg Extension (2)
Bradshaw Seated Shoulder Press
Bradshaw Standing Leg Curl
Hoist Ab Machine
Hoist Glute Master
Hoist Inner/Outer Thigh Combo
Life Fitness Dip/Chin Assist
Life Fitness Pec Fly Rear Deltoid
Life Fitness Seated Leg Curl
Life Fitness Sm40-4stack MJ
Life Fitness Standing Calf Raise Machine
Maxicam Seated Leg Curl
Muscle Dynamics Maxicam Ab Machine
Muscle Dynamics Maxicam Seated Row
Nautilus Machine Preacher
Paramount Vertical Butterfly PI 3100
Polaris Chest Press
Polaris Leg Curl
Polaris Leg Extension
Polaris Machine Preacher Curl P-120
Polaris Pec Deck
Promaxima Adjustable Cable Crossover
Promaxima P-140 Horizontal Leg Press
Promaxima P-144 Glute Hamstring Developer
Universal Lat Pulldown Bradshaw Lat Pulldown
Promaxima Adustable Cable Crossover P122C
Cardio Equipment Concept II Rowers (2)
Life Cycle 9100 (2)
Life Cycle 9500HR (4)
Life Fitness 9100HR Treadmill (2)
Life Fitness 9500HR Elliptical (3) Life Fitness 9500HR Treadmill (2) Precor EFX546 Elliptical (3) Precor EFX546HR Elliptical (2)
Schwinn IC Pro Bike (5)

Power Lifting Room

Power Cage with 4 Rogue Olympic Bars

Ivanko Rubber Bumper Plates

FreeMOtion Multi-Use

2 RDX Bands

Rubber Stretch Balls

Cable Machine

Cross-Fit "Style" Powoer Rack

Power Lifting Bars



Plate Loaded Machines
Barbells on rack metal
Bradshaw Chest Press
Bradshaw DB’s w/Rack small
Bradshaw Leg Press LO2
Bradshaw Lying Chest Press
Bradshaw Military Press PO3
Bradshaw Pull up/Dip Stand
Bradshaw Seated Calf Raise PO4
Bradshaw Smith Machine A01CL
Bradshaw Standing Calf Raise PO5
Bradshaw Standing T-Bar Row ADS
Cybex Squat Press
Dumbbell set pro style
Hammer Strength Incline Press
Hammer Strength ISO High Row
Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Decline Press
Hammer Strength ISO Row
Hammer Strength Pullover
High Tech Rubber Barbells on rack
Maxicam Calf Raise
Muscle Dynamics DB’s w/Rack
Muscle Dynamics Maxicam Seated Row
Polaris Leg Press
​Promazima Hack Squat
Racks and Benches
Bradshaw Bench Press B02
Boxing Bags
Bradshaw Decline Ab Bench ABS
Bradshaw Decline Bench
Bradshaw Flat Bench B07 (4)
Bradshaw Incline Bench BO3 (2)
Bradshaw Incline Bench PO8 (4)
Bradshaw Lateral Raises
Bradshaw Leg Raise AB2
Bradshaw Military Press P03
Bradshaw Preacher BO4
Bradshaw Rack Small
Bradshaw Roman Chair AB1, AB7 (2)
Bradshaw Squat Rack RO2 (2)
Bradshaw Triceps Seat B09 (2) 
Bradshaw Weight Tree (6) 
Dynamics Maxicam Leg Raise/Dip
High Tech Barbell Stand (2)
Muscle Dynamics Maxicam Decline Bench
Muscle Dynamics Maxicam Weight Tree
Muscle Dynamics Maxican Dumbbell Rack
Muscle Dynamics Weight Tree
Parabody Bodysmith Squat Cage
Sit Up Board AB3