Have you got what it takes to be a trainer at The Gym? Ask about our hassle-free/cost-free trainer's program. Send an email to CJ_bunyan@yahoo.com for details!

ALFREDO GAETA (916) 757-9182 I am bilingual and have over 7 years of experience and a degree in professional health and fitness along with a NASM trainer certification. I have completed over 12,000 sessions and specialize in corrective stretching, exercises, hypertrophy training, compound movements, fat loss, special cases of back pain and extreme overweight clients. I have lost over 100 pounds myself and understand the nutrition and exercise necessary to help you reach your goals. 

The Gym Fitness Center hosts the services of many outstanding independent personal trainers. Their services are available by calling them directly at their contact numbers below, calling (916) 363-GYMS, or meet with them when you come to The Gym to find the right one for you.


BREANNA DUPLISEA (949) 878-6907  Coach Bree specializes in person and online women strength training for busy moms and hardworking professionals who want to be empowered by gaining strength, and understanding the REAL science behind nutrition and weight loss. She has helped many women of all ages begin strength training programs, transform their bodies and mind, and heal their relationship with food. Her goal is to help people find their healthy lifestyle balance: a diet and exercise routine that they fall in love with. Certs: NASM, NPTI, Nutrition Coach, Pre-& Postnatal Pregnancy, Pilates Instructor  NuRiseFitness@gmail.com IG: @TheBreazyWay 

Max Yakimchuk (916) 475-9114  Staying healthy is the way of life; without health, there isn't much left. My name is Max, and I love being active, my passion is Bodybuilding and Powerlifting since it gives me a reason to workout with a purpose. I am a firm believer in the science behind health and fitness and use that knowledge to inspire others in their journey. EM:MaxdOutPhysiques@gmail.com IG:Gym_o_holic . Website: Maxdoutphysiques.com


Peka Bennefield (916) 799-0592 TEAM P. MAXIMUS - PNBA Trainer of the Year, Passionate about inspiring and empowering my clients to live fit and healthy. I am connected to my client results and I value community, integrity and dedication. I deliver an inviting, friendly and supportive experience

Bryan Williams (916) 501-6297 - Will Powered Fitness - NCSF Certified Personal Trainer with specific focus on Weight Loss, Conditioning and Strength Training.
“Long lasting habits, create long lasting results.” IG: @B.WillPoweredFit

 Ryan Dobroff   (925) 334-8111 My philosophy focuses on lifelong learning as I work toward improving my clients’ well being by empowering them with knowledge, skills, support, guidance, and commitment for a healthier active lifestyle. I work with clients with all different fitness goals, I specialize in weight loss. BS in Kinesiology (Fall 2019), USMC Reservist, CPR/AED, ACE Personal Trainer. 

 Web: zarar300.wixsite.com/rdfitness   IG: Royalfitnessbyryan

JOHNNY CARRERO (916) 201-2922 - The Motivator-   I have been changing the bodies and minds of clients since 1989. I am a certified Fitness Professional and have been promoting Drug-Free Athletes for over 25 years. I am the creator of the “Fitness In Mind Clinical Safety Certification” for Trainers, Coaches and Athletes.​ www.fitnessinmind.com

Yao Mathew Saephanh Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He specializes in Power Lifting and Strength Training and conditioning as well as weight management. Email: ymsaephanh@gmail.com

GENO LOBATO (916) 519-5694 Geno has over 15 years of certified experience. He is a highly motivated, energetic and open-minded fitness coach, who believes in the use of multiple training methods to ensure muscle confusion for faster results. Specializes in fun alternative methods for cardio training (Boxing/Striking). Customizing routines for individuals based on their genetics, and personal goals. His goal as a coach, is to make a positive impact with everyone he works with, in training and in life. 

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​​​​BING SAEZ  (916) 765-8361 
Bingfit.com - NGA South Lake Tahoe Natural Bodybuilding Promoter. Specializing in Strength Training while focusing on proper form & technique. I conduct weekly posing classes for Bikini & Figure competitors. I focus on natural & holistic approaches to well-being & balance. Health & longevity starts with positive thinking, proper food fueling & strength training

Marco Hernandez (916) 591-2801 (916) 501-6048  Coach - Iron Bodies and Minds 
Sports Specific Training, 12-15-20 Week Contest Preparation, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition 3-6-12 Months Schedule, Ironbodiesnminds@gmail.com www.afitnessaddiction.com IG: @OfficialCoachMarco

ROBERT VELA (916) 662-5415  As a personal fitness trainer (over 15 years experience) I encourage and motivate my clients to help them reach their goals. I focus on exercises that promote flexibility, strength, stability, stamina, and performance as well as contest prep and nutrition for bodybuilding, men's physique, bikini and figure. Together we work on pushing through barriers and getting results one training session at a time. EM:Velafitness@gmail.com IG: @GoRobGo